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aeg micromat duo manual

MCD2665EM 24” MicroMat-Duo. User’s ManualMicrowave oven with grill. Magnetronoven met grill. Horno Microondas con grill. Operating instructions. Gebrauchsanweisung. Notice d’utilisation. Gebruiksaanwijzing. Instrucciones de Manjo. BruksanvisningDear Customer. Thank you for buying an AEG-Electrolux microwave oven and putting yourBefore using your AEG-Electrolux microwave oven for the first time, pleaseThis will enable you to take advantageIt will also ensure trouble-freeImportant information concerning your safety or the operation of your. Throughout the manual, this symbol guides you step by step when operatingThis symbol indicates further information concerning the use of theThe clover indicates energy-saving tips and hints for environmentally friendlyIn the event of malfunctioning, please follow the instructions given in theThe symbolBy ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negativeFor more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact yourImportant safety instructionsThe microwave oven should not be left unattendedThe electrical outlet must be readily accessible so thatThe AC power supply must be 230 V, 50 Hz, with aIt is recommended that a separate circuit serving onlyDo not store or use the oven outdoors. If food being heated begins to smoke, DO NOT. OPEN THE DOOR. Turn off and unplug the ovenOpening the door while food is smoking may causeOnly use microwave-safe containers and utensils. See Page 8 - 9. Do not leave the oven unattended when usingClean the waveguide cover, the oven cavity, theBuilt-up greaseDo not place flammable materials near the oven orDo not block the ventilationRemove all metallic seals, wire twists, etc., from foodDo not use the microwave oven to heat oil for deepTo make popcorn, only use special microwave popcornDo not store food or any other items inside the oven. Check the settings after you start the oven to ensureSee the corresponding hints in this operation manual.

Never adjust, repair or modify the oven yourself. It is hazardous for anyone other than a competentDo not operate the oven with the door open or alterDo not operate the oven if there is an object betweenDo not allow grease or dirt to build up on the doorFollow instructions forFailure to maintainIndividuals with PACEMAKERS should check with theirTo avoid the possibility of electric shock. Under no circumstances should you remove the outerNever spill or insert any objects into the door lockIn the event of a spill,Do not immerse the power supply cord or plug in waterDo not allow the power supply cord to run over any hotDo not attempt to replace the oven lamp yourself orIf the power supply cord of this appliance is damaged,The exchangeTo avoid the possibility of explosion and suddenWARNING: Liquids and other foods must not beNever use sealed containers. Remove seals and lidsTake care when microwaving liquids. Use a widemouthed container to allow bubbles to escape. Microwave heating of beverages can result inTo prevent sudden eruption of boiling liquid andDo not cook eggs in their shells, and whole hardTo cook or reheatPierce the skin of such foods as potatoes, sausages andTo avoid the possibility of burns. Use pot holders or oven gloves when removing foodAlways open containers, popcorn makers, oven cookingTemperature of the container is not a true indication ofAlways stand back from the oven door when opening toSlice stuffed baked foods after heating to release steamKeep children away from the door and accessible partsDo not touch the oven door, outer cabinet, rear cabinet,COOK operation as they will become hot. BeforeTo avoid misuse by children. Warning: Only allow children to use the ovenDo not lean or swing on the oven door. Do not playChildren should be taught all important safetyOther warnings. Never modify the oven in any way.

This oven is for home food preparation only and mayIt is not suitable forTo promote trouble-free use of your oven and avoidNever operate the oven when it is empty except whereWhen using a browning dish or self-heating material,To avoid burns, always test food temperature andImportant safety instructions. Do not use metal utensils, which reflect microwavesDo not put cans in theOnly use the turntable and the turntable supportDo not operate the ovenTo prevent the turntable from breaking:Do not place anything on the outer cabinet duringGRILL mode and AUTO COOK operation, because theyNeither the manufacturer nor the dealer can accept anyWater vapour or drops may occasionally form on theFront trim. Oven lamp. Control panel. Door opening button. Waveguide cover. Oven cavity. Seal packing. Door seals and sealing surfaces. Fixing points (4 points). Ventilation openings. Outer cover. Rear cabinet. Power supply cord support clips. Power supply cordNOTE: When you order accessories, please mention twoControl panelThe appropriate indicator will flash or light up, justWhen an indicator is flashing, press the appropriateStir. Turn over. GrillCooking in progressPress to select one of the 2 automatic programmes.Press to select one of the 2 automatic programmes.Press to select one of the 4 automatic programmes.Press to select one of the 4 automatic programmes.Press to select either microwave, grill or dual grill, orUsing the STOP button. Plug in the oven.Use the STOP button to:Setting the clock. There are two setting modes: 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock.Step 1, in the example belowTo set the clock, follow the example below. Example: To set the 24 hour clock to 23:35.MODE button toPOWER knob until the correct hour isChoose the 24 hourMODE button to startWhat are microwaves? What are microwaves? The characteristics of microwaves.

Like radio and television waves, microwaves areMicrowaves are produced by a magnetron inside theThe friction this causesThe secret of the reduced cooking times is the fact thatIn comparison, theThis method wastes a great deal of energy. Microwaves penetrate all non-metal objects made ofDishes become hot only because the food inside themThe food absorbs the microwaves and is heated. Microwaves cannot pass through objects made ofFor this reason metalSuitable ovenware. Heat-resistant glass utensils are very suitable. TheCeramics. Generally very suitable. Ceramics must be glazed, sincePorcelain. Very suitable. Ensure that the porcelain does not have aHeat resistant plastic utensils whichPaper utensils. Heat resistant paper made for use in a microwave ovenKitchen paperMicrowave cling film. Metal. This, or heat-resistant film, is very suitable for coveringGenerally speaking, metal shouldThere are, however, exceptions:When using aluminium containers or other metalNO UTENSIL SHOULD HAVE A METAL overlay, orRoasting bags. Can be used in a microwave oven. Metal clips are not suitable forNon heat-resistant foodThe right utensils for combinedIt is possible to use metalBrowning dish. A special microwave dish made from ceramic glass withWhen using the browning dish a suitable insulator, e.g.Be careful to adhereExcessive pre-heating canUtensil suitability test. If you are not sure whether your utensil is suitable forPlace a glassSwitch on the oven at 900 W power for 1 to 2 minutes. If the utensil stays cool or just warm to the touch, it isBefore you start. Cooking times. To make it as easy as possible to use the microwaveAll the times given in this book are guidelines, whichSetting the cooking time. Defrosting, re-heating and cooking times are generallyIt is better to set shorterAlways test the foodIt is better then toFood cooked in your microwave retains its individualFor this reason youStarting temperature.

Defrosting, re-heating and cooking times depend onStandard storage temperaturs of food are assumed forFor defrosting food a starting. Cook popcorn only in special microwave safeDo not cook eggs in the unbrokenDo not heat oil or fat for deepfrying inside the microwave oven. ItDo not heat sealed containers suchMicrowave: you can defrost frozen foods in a shortCombined operation: With the combination ofGrill: Your oven is provided with a quartz grill, whichCooking test. The cooking status of meals can be tested as withIf the fishIf the skewer remainsBlanching vegetables. The internal temperature of food and drink can beHeating drinksHeating Milk. Heating soup. Heating stew. Poultry. Lamb. Pink. Well done. Roast beef. Rare. Medium. Pork, Veal. InternalInternal temp.Preserving fruit and vegetablesBefore freezing vegetables, they should be blanched. This preserves the quality andMethod: washPack vegetables in an airtightAddition of water. Vegetables and other foods with a high water contentFood in skin or shells. Foods such as sausages, chickens, chicken legs, bakedFatty foods. Using the microwave for preserving is quick and easy. There are preserving jars, rubber vacuum seals andMicrowave times are directlyBoth containers have the same capacity, but theFood cooks more evenly in round or oval containersFatty meat and layers of fat cook better than leanCovering. Arrangement of food. Covering the food retains the moisture within it andFoods which are to be crispy, e.g.Whatever would be uncovered in a conventional ovenPlace a number of individual portions, such as smallKeep the portions at a distanceIrregular shaped food. Place the thicker, more compactedStirring. Stirring the food is necessary, sinceMedium-sized items, such as hamburgers and steaks,Large items, such as roastsStanding time. Keeping to the standing time is oneDrinks need not beDefrosting. Your microwave is ideal for defrosting.

Defrosting timesTake the frozen item outBoxes and containers suitable for microwaves areCovering. Cover thin parts with small strips of aluminium foilCorrect setting. It is better to choose a setting which is too low ratherBy so doing you will ensureIf the microwave settingAlmost all foods have to be turnedSmall amounts.Foods requiring careful handling,By so doing you willStanding time. This is particularly important after defrosting food, asAt the end ofCooking fresh vegetablesThis is particularlyVegetables which are high in fibre require a littleThose with a high moisture content, e.g. onions orThe fresher theThis will ensureThen continue as normal.This is due, amongst otherDeep-frozen dishes can be defrosted and cooked at theDo take note,Your oven has 5 power levels. To choose the power levelAt this reduced setting, the sauce will not boil over andTo set the microwave power level. Press the COOKING MODE button once (microwave only). To change the microwave power level rotate the knob until the desired power level is reached. NOTE: If the power level is not selected, 900 W is automatically set.Microwave cooking. Your oven can be programmed for up to 90 minutes.It depends onCooking timeIncreasing unitExample. Suppose you want to heat soup for 2 minutes and 30 seconds on 630 W microwave power.COOKING MODE buttonCheck the display.As long as your finger is touching the COOKING MODE button, the power level will be displayed. If you rotate the knob counter-clockwise, the cooking time will decrease from 90 minutes by degrees.COOKING MODE buttonCheck the display.To avoid this problem, when first using the oven, operate the grill without food for 20 minutes.The microwave power level is preset to 270 W. Example: To cook grill skewers (see recipe on page 26) for 7 minutes on DUAL GRILL (450 W).MODE button threeCheck the display.Other convenient functionsTo cook: 2 minutes and 30 seconds on 630 W power (Stage 1)COOKING MODE buttonMODE button beforeCheck the display.

POWER knob.MODE button twice (Grill only).Check the display.NOTE: If you set any programme after setting GRILL mode, omit the steps 3 and 4. If you press the COOKING MODE button continually after setting GRILL mode, the GRILL mode willExample:You can directly start cooking on 900 W microwave power level for 30 seconds by pressing theAs long as your finger is touching the COOKING MODE button the power level will be displayed. The oven continues to count down although the display shows the power level.The display will show:The display will show theNOTE: When Safety Lock is set you cannot input any buttons except the STOP button.AUTOCOOK and AUTO DEFROST automatically work out the correct cooking mode and cooking time. You canWhat you need to know when using this automatic function. For example:GRILL 1 button has two menus. Press the AUTO. COOK PLUS GRILL 1 button once, the display willGRILL 2 button has four menus. COOK PLUS GRILL 2 button once, the display willMenu numberMenu numberMenu numberMenu numberThe menu can be chosen by pressing the AUTO DEFROST or desired AUTO COOK button until the desired menu. The menu will be changed automatically by holding down the AUTO COOK or AUTO DEFROST button.Do not includeFor best results,When action is required (e.g. to turn food over) theThe final temperature will vary according to theNOTE: If you use the ADD 30 SECONDS function duringTo cook Gratinated Fish Fillet 1,5 kg using Auto Cook plus Grill 1 (A1-1).GRILL 1 button once.Check the display. Example 2 for AUTO DEFROST. To defrost Steak 0,2 kg using Auto Defrost (Ad-1).Check the display.Gratin dish with. VegetablesAC-2 Cook. Casserole dish with lidA1-1 Cook. Gratinated Fish. FilletA1-2 Cook. GratinLow rackLow rackWEIGHT (IncreasingFrench Fried. Potatoes. Thick typeFlan dish. High rackNOTE: The dish gets very hot during cooking. To avoid burning yourself, please use ovenA2-2 Cook. Grill Skewers. See recipe onHigh rack. A2-3 Cook.

Chicken LegsHigh rackIngredients for 0,6 kg chicken legs:A2-4 Cook. Grilled ChickenLow rackIngredients for 1,2 kg grilled chicken:Prepare the grill skewers. Place on the high rack and cook. When the audible signal sounds turn over. After cooking, remove and put on a plate forMix the ingredients and spread on the chicken. Pierce the skin of the chicken. Put chicken breast side down on the low rack. When audible signals sound, turn the chickenAd-1 Defrost. Steak and ChopsAd-2 Defrost. Minced MeatCling filmAd-3 Defrost. CakeFlat dishAd-4 Defrost. BreadFlat dishCover the bread withFor the best result, if the creamSteaks and Chops. Food. Plate. TurntableIngredientsIngredientsGouda (grated)Mozarella. Basil (chopped). PreparationPreparationOnion”.Sprinkle with parsley and serve. PreparationCut into slices and place on top of the cheese.AUTO COOK plus GRILL 1 (A1-1), “Gratinated fishRecipes for auto cookIngredientsGouda (grated)IngredientsIngredientsPreparationPlace the fishPreparationPlace alternate layers ofGRILL 1 (A1-2), “Gratin”.PreparationGRILL 1 (A1-2), “Gratin”.PreparationAUTO COOK plus GRILL 1 (A2-2), “Grill Skewers”.Fish fillet. Cake, 1 slice. Baby food, 1 jarMelting chocolateMilk. Water,One-plate meal. Vegetables. Side dishesDo not cover. Do not cover. Do not cover, bring to the boil. Cover, bring to the boil. Sprinkle sauce with water, cover, stir halfCover, stir after heating. Add water if necessary, cover, stir halfSprinkle with a little water, cover, stir halfSprinkle with a little sauce, cover. Cover. Place on a plate. Remove lid, stir well after heating. Check the temperature. Stir during cookingBroccoli. Peas. Onions. Carrots. Boiled potatoesQuantity SettingAdded waterQuantity Power. Time. Hints. Standing timeCake, 1 pieceThe times shown in the table are guidelines which may vary according to freezing temperature, quality and weight of the foodstuffs.Cooking chartsFish fillet. One Plate Meal. Broccoli. Mixed vegetables.

Quantity PowerStanding timeRoastsQuantity Setting PowerSeason to taste, place on the low rack. Standing timeCroque Monsieur. Frozen PizzaThe grilling time depends on the type of cheese usedAll the recipes in this book are calculated on the basis ofShorten cooking times by a third to a half. Follow theFoods which have a high moisture content such as meat,Onion soup. Total cooking time: approx. 14 - 17 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 litre capacity)IngredientsMushrooms with rosemary. Total cooking time: approx. 10-17 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (1 litre capacity). Shallow round dish with lidIngredientsFoods which have little moisture, such as platters ofThe amount of liquid to be added to raw foods, whichIf necessary, addThe amount of fat to be added can be reducedFor this reason yourPour the soup overSeason with pepper and rosemary, cover and cook.Stir once duringRecipes. Zurich veal stew. Total cooking time: approx. 9-14 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 Iitre capacity). IngredientsFillet of soleTotal cooking time: approx. 11-13 minutes. Utensils: Shallow oval gratin dish with lidIngredientsAubergines stuffed with minced meat. Total cooking time: approx. 17-22 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (1 litre size). Shallow oval gratin dish with lidIngredientsFeta cheese, diced. Tip: You can substitute courgettes for the aubergines.Stir once duringRemove any bones.Place the fish in itTip: You can also use rosefish, halibut, mullet, plaice orScoop out the fleshFill with half of the minceStuffed ham. Total cooking time: approx. 13-18 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 litre capacity). Shallow oval gratin dishIngredientsButter or Margarineto grease the dishFish fillet with cheese sauce. Total cooking time: approx. 21-25 minutes. Shallow oval gratin dishIngredientsAlmond trout. Total cooking time: approx. 16-19 minutes.

Utensils: Shallow oval gratin dishIngredientsSecure the ham with aTo do this, pour the liquid intoLeave to stand for 15 minutes, pat dry again and rubAdd the white wine and mix.Apply salt to the interior and exterior of the fish andTip: Suitable accompanying dishes are parsley potatoesRecipes. Veal cutlet with mozzarella. Total cooking time: approx. 24-31 minutes. Utensils: Shallow square gratin dish with lidIngredientsStuffed Roast ChickenTotal cooking time: approx. 36-40 minutes. Utensils: Bowl (2 Iitre capacity). String. IngredientsCourgette and noodle gratin. Total cooking time: approx. 37-44 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (2 l Inhalt). Gratin dish (approx. 26 cm long). IngredientsPuree the tomatoes withDistribute the oil and the garlic slices over the bottomAdd the cutlets and pour overTurn over halfway through cooking.Add the macaroni and pour over the tomato sauce. Divide the courgette slices on top.Place on theLasagne al forno. Total cooking time: approx. 18-25 minutes. Shallow, square gratin dish with lidIngredientsTotal cooking time: approx. 16-22 minutes. IngredientsBread dumplingsTotal cooking time: approx. 8-11 minutes. Utensils: Bowl with lid (1 Iitre capacity)IngredientsSeason and cook with the lid on.Put half of thePlace butter flakes onKeep some aside for garnishing.Garnish the dish with basil andBeat the eggs, addRecipes. Berry jelly with vanilla sauce. Total cooking time: approx. 8-12 minutes. IngredientsTip: You can also use frozen fruit once it is defrosted. Pears in chocolate sauce. Total cooking time: approx. 8-13 minutes. Bowl with lid (1 Iitre capacity). IngredientsFiery drinkTotal cooking time: approx. 8-10 minutes. IngredientsPuree the restPut into the bowl andRemove and squeeze out water. Stir gelatine into thePut the jelly into the fridgeTip: You could also serve this with vanilla ice cream.Peel the orange so thatCover and heat.Put one teaspoon ofCheesecakeTotal cooking time: approx. 21-27 minutes. Utensils: Round baking tin (approx.

26 cm diam.). IngredientsSemolina pudding with raspberry sauce. Total cooking time: approx. 15-20 minutes. IngredientsChocolate with creamTotal cooking time: approx. 1 minute. Utensils: Large cup (200 ml capacity). IngredientsPre-bake theFinally add theCover and microwave. StirCover and heat.Add the chocolate, stir andOven exterior. The outside of your oven can be cleaned easily withControl panel. Open the door before cleaning to de-activate theDo not use any sortOven InteriorDo not remove the waveguideRemaining food or fatTurntable and turntable support. Remove the turntable and turntable support from theBoth the turntableDoor. To remove all trace of dirt, regularly clean both sides ofRacks. These should be washed in a mild washing up liquidNOTE: A steam cleaner should not be used.Check thatCheck thatCheck thatNOTE: If you cook the food over the standard time with only the same cooking mode, the power of the oven willAfter pausing for 90 seconds, full power can be reset. Cooking Mode. Microwave (900 W). Grill. Dual Grill. Standard timeGrill - 30 minutes. Reduced power level. Microwave - 630 W. Grill - 50%. Grill - 50%If you wish to purchase spare parts or require an engineer, contact your local authorised service agent. The telephone number can be obtained from the operator. Guarantee conditions. Standard guarantee conditions. We, AEG-Electrolux, undertake that if within 24 months of the date of the purchase this AEG-Electrolux appliance or anyAny appliance or defective part replaced shall become the Company's property. Visits may be available outside these hours in which case a premium will be charged. Exclusions. This guarantee does not cover:European Guarantee. If you should move to another country within Europe then your guarantee moves with you to your new home subject toBefore you move please contact your nearest Customer Care centre, listed below, to give them details of your new home.

They will then ensure that the local Service Organisation is aware of your move and able to look after you and yourFrance. Senlis. Germany. Italy. Pordenone. Sweden. StockholmAC Line Voltage. AC Power required. Output power. Microwave. Microwave Frequency. Outside Dimensions:Oven Capacity. Turntable. Weight. Oven lampThis Product fulfils the requirement of the European standard EN55011. In conformity with this standard, this product is classified as group 2 class B equipment. Group 2 means that the equipment intentionally generates radio-frequency energy in the form ofClass B equipment means that the equipment is suitable to be used in domestic establishments. Actual capacity for holding food is less.Ecologically responsible disposal of packaging materials and oldPackaging materials. AEG-Electrolux microwave ovens require effective packaging to protect them during transportation. Only the minimum packaging necessary is used. Packaging materials (e.g. foil or styrofoam) can place children at risk. Danger of suffocation. Keep packaging material away from children. All packaging materials used are environment friendly and can be recycled. The cardboard is made fromPlastic items are marked as follows. By using and re-using the packaging, raw materials are saved and waste volume is reduced. Packaging should be taken to your nearest recycling centre. Contact your local council for information. Disposal of old appliances. Old appliances should be made safe before disposal by removing the plug, and cutting off and disposingIt should then be taken to the nearest recycling centre. Check with your local Council or Environmental. Health Office to see if there are facilities in your area for recycling the appliance.InstallationEnsure that a 5mm gap isThe fixing points are located onMylar sheet. InteServ. ConventionalThe microwave can be fitted in position A or B. Chimney. Position A. Position B.

ConventionalGap BetweenNOTE: Ensure the bottom of the oven is 85 cm or more above the floor.The socket must be fused with a 16 A fuse.If the plug that is fitted to your appliance is notAEG products are designed and built to the highest standards. We expect your appliances to provide many years of trouble free enjoyment. In the event of an appliance requiring attention, each appliance is covered by a 2Refer to warranty policy for complete terms and conditions.AEG products are supported by a national service support system. Call our customer service department for attention. Please retain your invoice AEG to quote should you require servicePlease attach your invoice to this manual for easy future reference. AEG CanadaOakville, Ontario L6L 6J7. Canada. Tel 905-829.3980. Fax 905-829.3985Name. Address. City. Where purchased. Items. Serial No. (s). TEL No. State. Zip Code. Purchase date:For more information visitOakville, ON L6L 6J7. Toll Free: 1.800.421.6332.